Roots – 29/08/1960

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Title Roots
Start Date 29/08/1960
End Date 18/09/1960
Cast Jenny Beales – Marion Edward; Jimmy Beales – Charles Haggith; Beatie Bryant – Mary Hardy; Stan Mann – Malcolm Phillips; Mrs Bryant – Joan Harris; Mr Bryant – Graeme Hughes; Mr Healey – Bryan Edward; Frankie Bryant – Frederick Parslow; Pearl Bryant – Dorothy Bradley
Extra Notes Joan Lyndsay, adapted by cast
References IWLAW
Notes 8th season 29 August 1960 – 26 February 1961 Stage Manager – Bryan Edward Assistant Stage Manager – Marion Edward Electrician – Ron Stodden
Photo Photographs – Helmut Newton
Reviews Farrago 5/9/60 p.7. – favourable view of the performances, but doubts the value of the play itself.