The Good Woman of Szechwan – 1961

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Title The Good Woman of Szechwan
Year 1961
Author Bertolt Brecht
Company 19
References from: Theatre Production DB;
Reviews Farrago 13/7/61 p.6. – positive review.
Notes dir. Graeme Hughes Farrago 7/7/61 p.1. – Article about two female university students who played prostitutes in this production and spent a Saturday night on the streets of St Kilda to gain a sense of the atmosphere in preparing for their parts; further article in Farrago 13/7/61 p.1. – teh women who posed as prostitutes are to be sent down from Women’s College. The “Truth” newspaper covered the scandal – p.3. as did the “Sun” and ABC radio. A further scandal erupted because Kepler was American and American diplomats were concerned about her appearing in a play written by a Communist.
Extra Notes Revue
Cast Kay Kepler, Bruce Knappett, Lindis Masterman.