The Old Lady Says ‘No!’ – 1961

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Title The Old Lady Says ‘No!’
Year 1961
Abstract ‘Set in Dublin at the beginning of last century, the play is built around the character of the Irish patriot, Robert Emmet.’ (from article)
Designer Deborah White
Designer Ian Jelbart
Director Dr. Alan Cole
Author Denis Johnston
Company Marlowe Society
Venue Union Theatre
Crew Stage Manager – Lesley Watson; Assist Stage Manager – Bill Meyer; Properties – Moira Arbuckle; Wardrobe – Janet Sisley; Set – Ian Jelbart and Deborah White; Sound – Mick Gould; Lighting – Rod stodden; Production Secretary – Lyn Cleveland; Front of House – Sue Nattrass, Tony Sell; Publicity – Hilary McPhee, Tony McNicoll, Patrick McCaughey, Louise Thorne, Bill Morgan, Robin Cuming; Prompters – Marysia Murray, Bernice Murphy
Cast The Speaker – Robin Cuming; Sarah Curran – Ingrid burke; First Redcoat and General – Tony Staley; Second Redcoat and Joe – Ian Nash; Major Sirr and Gratton – Bill Morgan; Busman – Peter Wood; Tout – John Gray; Blind Fiddler – Patrick McCaughey; Flapper – Louise Thorne; Student – Rod Muir; Business Man – Robert Butterfield; Well-Dressed Woman – Janice Kosky; Lizzie – Janet Sisley; Katie – Elizabeth Joseph; Older Man – Max Gillies; younger Man – Rod Lenard; Maeve – Jane Oehr; Lady Trimmer – Jennifer Murphy; O’Cooney – Joe Sharp; O’Mooney – Max Gillies; O’Rooney – Rod Muir; Minister for Arts and Crafts – lance Taylor; Minister’s Wife – Sandra Copland; Maid – Hilary McPhee; The Others – Lance Taylor, Leigh Hogg. Forms, Voices, Shadows, Chorus and Mourners: Helen Cao, Suzy Hall, Janice Kosky, Hilary McPhee, Jane Oehr, Steven Lee, Robert Butterfield, Peter Wood, Peter Hourigan, John Gray, Robert Hayes.
Reviews Farrago 28/4/61 p.2.
References Knight Burning Pestle Program; Minutes; Farrago 24/3/61 p.6; Louise Thorne Collection, Rowden White Library.