The No-Hopers – 12/03/1962

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Title The No-Hopers
Start Date 12/03/1962
End Date 24/12/1962
References IWLAW
Cast Ben Morris – Frederick Parslow; Mike O’Shaughnassy – Edward Hepple; Alma Hyland – Elspeth Ballantyne; Barbara Craig – Joy Mitchell; Maggie O’Shaughnassy – Joan MacArthur; Archie “Gunga” Allnut – Brian Hannan; Joe Cooke – Stewart Weller; Edna Allnut – Bunney Brooke; ‘Enry – Himself (assumed to be a dog)
Photo Photographs – Newton and Talbot
Notes 10th season 3 September 1962 – 2 March 1963 Australian Production Manager – Bryan Edward Assistant Stage Manager – Penelope Hall – Eric Hoek Electrician – Ron Stodden
Extra Notes Joan Lyndsay, adapted by cast