You Never Can Tell – 09/03/1962

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Title You Never Can Tell
Start Date 09/03/1962
End Date 24/09/1962
Director Peter Batey
Designer Anne Fraser (s)/Betty Druitt (c)
Author George Bernard Shaw
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Photo Photographs – Newton and Talbot
Notes 10th season 3 September 1962 – 2 March 1963 Production Manager – Bryan Edward Stage Manager – Robin Hardiman Assistant Stage Manager – Penelope Hall – Eric Hoek Electrician – Ron Stodden
Reviews Farrago 21/9/62 p.8.
Cast Dolly Clandon – Elspeth Ballantyne; Mr Valentine – Bruce Barry; Parlourmaid – Penelope Hall; Philip Clandon – Reginald Livermore; Mrs Clandon – Moira Carleton; Gloria Clandon – Gina Curtis; Fergus Crampton – Gordon Glenwright; Finch McComas – Stewart Weller; The waiter- Michael Duffield; Jo – Eric Hoek; Mr Bohun Qc – Clement McCallin
References IWLAW
Extra Notes Dance