White Collar and All That Jazz – 1963

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Title White Collar and All That Jazz
Year 1963
Author Jon Dawson, Patrick McCaughey, Anthony McNicoll
Company University Revue
Reviews “Theatre” (1963), no.4., review by Gordon Kirby: the scripts “were infinitely too long, kept apart, so to speak, by a series of lightning, one-line jokes, and on occasion some mournful songs, imperfetly intoned. They lacked variety”, “Many of the scripts were too old-hat” such as sketches on Anzac Day and the RSL on immigration. Praised the decor, “Bruce Knappett, a sort of Sandy Stone with hormones, was very popular with a large section of the audience”, the music, McCaughey’s imitation of Dylan Thomas.
Extra Notes Revue
References “Theatre” (1963) no.4.
Cast Patrick McCaughey, John Wregg, Bruce Knappett, Rosalie Horner, Jon Dawson.