The Maids – 28/05/1963

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Title The Maids
Start Date 28/05/1963
End Date 30/05/1963
Abstract Part of “Theatre of the Absurd” – a season of French Absurdist works presented by the Marlowe Society.
Author Jean Genet
Cast Member Barbara Caffin
Cast Member Lesley Baker
Cast Member Hilary McPhee
Director Paul Eddey
Company Marlowe Society
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Beatrice Faust, “The Season of the Absurd in Review” in “Theatre” (1963) no.4., p.45: “so compelling”, “an austere no-set of dark grey-purple flats, black furniture, colour saturated costumes, exquisite lighting and well tempered rhetoric”, but “exploring the remarkable beauty of the language leads up one blind alley, for, concentrating on the nobility of the characters in their intense emotional web, the production loses one dimension – comedy”. Also review in Farrago 17/6/63 p.5.
References “Theatre” (1963) no.3.; Louise Thorne Collection, Rowden White Library
Notes Part of the 1963 ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ season (see festival entry).