Professor Taranne – 03/06/1963

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Title Professor Taranne
Start Date 03/06/1963
End Date 05/06/1963
Abstract ‘An accurate description of a dream. Australian Premiere’ (from poster) . Part of “Theatre of the Absurd” – a season of French Absurdist works presented by the Marlowe Society.
Designer Max Gillies
Director Max Gillies
Author Arthur Adamov
Company Marlowe Society
Venue Union Theatre
Cast George Dixon, Doug Edmond, Robert Morris, Kerry McErlain, Elizabeth Page, Robert Taylor, John Blakeley, Elizabeth Clark, Roger Kibell, Loretta Page, Richard Murphett, Jeremy Hales, Bernice Murphy.
Reviews Beatrice Faust, “The Season of the Absurd in Review” in “Theatre” (1963) no.4.: “poorly acted”, “played too heavily, and the incongruities and unexpected contradictions seemed at best, confusing, at worst irritating: Max Gillies’ production was ironically humourless”, “the setting and the costumes were similarly uninspired, and although the angled stage gave signs of becoming a correlative of Taranne’s unhingement this excellent idea was just not exploited”. Also review in Farrago 17/6/63 p.5. – criticized the production for being dry and humourless.
Notes Part of the 1963 ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ season (see festival entry).
References “Theatre” (1963) no.3.; Louise Thorne Collection, Rowden White Library