The Wild Duck – 1963

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Start Date 07/08/1963
End Date 10/08/1963
Abstract A five act play set in Norway in 1880.
Director David Bradley
Stage Manager Gerald Elsworth
Director Christopher Bell
Author Henrik Ibsen
Lighting Brian Corless
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Extra Notes Dance
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Cast Haakon Werle – Howard Baker; Gregers Werle – Ian Harrison; Old Ekdal – Roy Leaney; Hjalmar Ekdal – Tony Whitbourne; Gina Ekdal – Deirdre O’Day; Hedvig – Francesca Syme; Mrs Sorby – Ruth Huckstep; Relling – Joe Rich; Molvik – Robert Morris; Graabert – Gary Wastell; petterson – John Pitt, Jr; Jensen – Alistair Tweeddale; Guests – Geoffrey Bolton, Bruce Clarkson, Paul Clarkson, Robert de Laine, Douglas Friffin, Keith mackenzie, Ian Moore, Robert Morris, Joe Rich, Gary Wastell
Photo Photograph – Farrago 2/8/63.