Henry IV Part 1 (1964)

06/03/1964 – 13/06/1964

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William Shakespeare
Mavis Calder
Henry IV – Leslie Rowe; Henry, Prince of Wales – David Taylor; John of Lancaster – Alan Blackborrow; Earl of Westmoreland – Douglas Hobbes; Sir Walter Blunt – Ian Kennedy; Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester – Richard Brown; Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland – Peter d’Abbs; Henry Percy, Surnamed Hotspur, his son – Graeme Blundell; Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March – Peter d’Abbs; Richard Scroop, Archbishop of York – Alistair Christie; Archibald, Earl of Douglas – Peter d’Abbs; Owen Glendower – Graeme Maskell; Sir Richard Vernon – Philip George; Sir John Falstaff – Less Gilbert; Sir Michael – John Coleman; Poins – H. Jan Veldkamp, Jnr.; Gadstill – John Coleman; Bardolph – Peter Byrne; Two Carriers – Ian Kennedy, Grant Ratten; Travellers – Ian Kennedy, Alistair Christie, Grant Ratten, Alan Blackborrow; Sheriff – Alan Blackborrow; Vintner – Grant Ratten; Chamberlain – Alistair Christie; Francis – John Coleman; Lady Percy, wife to Hotspur, and sister to Mortimer – Kristin Green; Lady Mortimer, daughter to Glendower, wife to Mortimer – keesje van Erkelens; Mistress Quickly, hostess of a tavern in Eastchap – Valerie Gordon; Two Messengers – Grant Ratten, Alistar Christie.