The Government Inspector – 01/04/1964

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Title The Government Inspector
Start Date 01/04/1964
End Date 11/04/1964
Cast Member John Wregg
Cast Member Anthony Everingham
Director Lee Graham
Cast Member Alison Bird
Cast Member Guna Kazins
Cast Member Louise Thorne
Author Nikolai Gogol
Cast Member Graham Blundell
Company Marlowe Society
Venue Union Theatre
Cast John Wregg, Guna Kazins, Alision Bird, Bob Andrews, Patrick Alexander, Louise Thorne, Oscar Jones, John Leah, Peter Green, John Brumler, Graeme Blundell, George Lisowsky, Michael Knott, Bob Traill, Anthony Everingham, Michael Herron, Rodney Curry, Gail Efron, Jocelyn Clarke, John Stelling, Peter d’Abbs
References “Theatre”, February 1964, no.5, p.46; Louise Thorne Collection of media articles and program, Rowden White Library