Programme for the Theatre – 12/08/1964

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Title Programme for the Theatre
Start Date 12/08/1964
End Date 15/08/1964
Abstract Three short works:,’Hands Across the Sea’ – light comedy in one act (Noel Coward),’And Tomorrow’ – a fantasy in one act (Peter Kent),’Dance Moods + Aspects’ – 8 Dance Pieces
Author Peter Kent
Stage Manager Robyn Watson
Director Paul Clarkson
Choreographer M. Lascia
Director Janet Stahl
Author Noel Coward
Company MUMDG / TAP (Tin Alley Players )
Venue Union Theatre
References Program
Cast Helen Thomas, Ian Moore, Judy Read, Hugh Stevens, Paul Stevens, Paul Clarkson, Alistair Tweeddale, Janet Stahl, Christopher Bell, Diana Moore, Margaret Field, Loretta Foney, Dianne Grossman, Jeanette Gregson, Elizabeth Huf, Linda Kelson, Gwen Mahon, Ann Mills, Danielle Ney, Sue Oshlack, anita Phillips, Helen Simons, Rosemary Wright, Fay Barson, Susan Jeffrey, Margot Ewert, Flora McDonald, Jenny Wilson, Helen Zoltack, Margaret Lascia, Linda Kelson, Anita Philips, Danielle Ney, Peter Cayley, Sandra Shotlander, Kristin Wainwright.
Extra Notes Dance