Rhinoceros – 10/10/1967

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Title Rhinoceros
Start Date 10/10/1967
End Date 11/04/1967
Extra Notes Christopher Marlowe (adaptation)
Photo Photographs – Newton and Talbot
Notes Top Five Plays of the UTRC (1953 – 1967) Electrician – Bob Anderson Stage Manager – Geoff Rumney – Arthur Hynes Assistant Stage Manager – Graeme Blundell – Peter Taylor
References IWLAW
Cast John – Frank Thring; Berenger – George Ogilvie; The waitress – Jennifer Claire; The grocer, Fireman – Peter Taylor; The grocer’s wife, Mrs Beef – Lyndell Rowe; The old gentleman, Botard – John Paton; The logician – Michael Duffield; The housewife, Old woman – Elaine Cusick; Cafe proprietor, Old man – Graeme Blundell; Daisy – Monica Maughan; Mr Papyrus – Stanley Page; Dudard – Dennis Olsen