Triple Bill: Redemption; Sotoba Komachi; The Elephant Calf – 04/10/1967

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Title Triple Bill: Redemption; Sotoba Komachi; The Elephant Calf
Start Date 04/10/1967
End Date 05/10/1967
Abstract Plays 2,3, and 4 from ‘The Redemption’.,’Sotoba Komachi’ = a Japanese No Play.
Author Gordon Honeycombe
Director Max Gillies
Author Bertolt Brecht
Author Kwanami Kuyotsugu
Company Secondary Teachers’ College Speech Drama and Communication Departments
Venue Rural School Bldg
References from: Rowden White, Open Stage 1964-1969; O’Brien, A., Dopierala, W. (1994) ‘The Pleasure of the Company: Drama and Teacher Education at Melbourne 1961-1994’, Parkville: School of Visual and Performing Arts Education. ISBN: 0 7325 0705 7.
Notes Three (3) plays by 2nd Year speech and drama students.
Extra Notes ‘Redemption’ written by Gordon Honeycombe; ‘Sotoba Komachi’ written by Kwanami Kuyotsugu, translated by Arthur Waley; ‘The Elephant Calf’ written by Bertolt Brecht. All directed by Max Gillies.