Ring Round the Moon – 1969

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Title Ring Round the Moon
Start Date 29/10/1969
End Date 1969
Abstract A charade with music.
Director Janet Stahl
Designer Howard Baker
Author Jean Anouilh
Designer Donald Sloane
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Prince Philip Theatre
Cast Joshua, a crumbling butler – Roger Boyce; Hugo, a young man about town – Bill Martin; Frederic, his brother – Bill Martin; Diana Messerschmann, engaged to Frederic, secretly in love with Hugo – Helen Hill; Lady India, Messerschmann’s mistress, secretly in love with Patrice Bombelles – Helen O’Keefe; Patrice Bombelles, Messerschmann’s secretive secretary – Ian Harrison; Madame Desmortes, Aunt to Hugo, Frederic and Lady India – Meg Smith; Capulet, her faded companion – Maggie McInnes; Messerschmann, Diana’s father, a melancholy millionaire – Richard Burman; Romainville, a lepidopterist, patron of Isabelle – Paul Clarkson; Isabelle, a ballet dancer – Diana Spurrit; her mother, a teacher of the pianoforte – Margaret Carroll; A General – James Cassidy; Footmen – George Cunningham, James Cassidy.-
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