Zoo Story (return season) – 15/10/1969

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Title Zoo Story (return season)
Start Date 15/10/1969
End Date 16/10/1969
Abstract LUNCHTIME THEATRE WITH SILENT SANDWICHES We regard the short play not as a first step towards the longer play, not as an author’s minor effort but as a special sort of theatre with its won demands. There is no law which says that theatre must be two hairs long in order to be significant. Teh popularity of ZOO STORY and EDWARD & AGRIPPINA over the past two weeks has proved that lunch tiem theatre can be successful in the GUILD and it is hoped to continue the idea next year with the participation of University theatre groups.
Author Edward Albee
Director Cast
Venue Guild Theatre
Notes lights: Ian Wright price 45 cents detailed notes on author and play written by Dr B Chesler Credit acknowledged for valuable discussions and programme notes to Dr B Chesler, Consultant Psychiatrist, Royal Park.
Cast Jerry – George Whaley, Peter – John Paton
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