Polyunsaturated Love Story – 07/07/1971

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Title Polyunsaturated Love Story
Start Date 07/07/1971
End Date 10/07/1971
Abstract ‘This was a send up of the syrupy 40’s style of musical in a contemporary tale of a footy player who takes his pregnant wife to a hippie style commune in the bush where the sunflowers grow as high as the elephant’s eye.’ (from review)
Director Alan Finney
Author David Williamson
Designer David Oppenheim
Company Melbourne University Student Theatre (MUST)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Michael Taylor, Margaret Pimblett, Des Fitzgerald, Mark Randall, Poppy Clidaras, Rivka Hartman, John Barnes, Catherine Potter, Elizabeth Vines, Bernadette Boundy, Barbara Ciszewska, Jenny Lennox, Gary Kliger, Greg Millen, John Price, Ferida Ajayoglu, Sue Charlwood, Steve O’Brien, Greg Millen, Peter Westheimer, Simon Gardiner, Ari Frieberg, Malcolm Lehrner, Jane Elliot, Su Delbert, Bernie Nolan, Brendan O’Brien, John A’Beckett, Denis Wilson.
References Open Stage 1970-1974, Rowden White Library Archive.
Notes Final production in the Australian Play Season.
Items Program, two newspaper articles – donated by Professor Arie Freiberg.