Theatre Sphere Drama Festival – 1972

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Title Theatre Sphere Drama Festival 1972
Year 1972
Abstract Theatre Sphere University Drama Festival 1972, Melbourne, May 13-20.
Author Festival
Notes Festival involved shows on and off campus. Off campus shows were: -‘Rooted’ – Claremont Theatre -‘APG Revue’ – Pram Factory -‘Theatrical Get Together with Marilyn Munroe and Hitler’ – La Mama -‘Stretch of the Imagination’ – Hibberd / Cummins -‘Revue’ – La Mama -‘Sadie and Neco’ – La Mama Festival also included films screened at Union Theatre workshops held by the following directors: John Smythe Nigel Triffitt George Whaley Peter Green Graeme Blundell James McCaughey Daryl Willkinson Tim Burstall (films) Malcolm Robertson Joan Pope (children’s theatre) The following writers gave “talks and assistance”: Jack Hibberd David Williamson Alex Buzo Dorothy Hewett Bill and Lorna Hannan Movement workshops were taken by: Alida Belair Janette Liddell Margaret Lasica A performance of ‘Dantons Death’ by the MTC at Russel St Theatre was also part of the programme. Accomoation was provided on campus and in the Carlton-Parkville area.
Photo Photo image on front cover of one of the programmes.
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