Zoo Story – 1972

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Title Zoo Story
Year 1972
Abstract Union Night Play 7.30pm & 9pm Admission free to union members. (biography of Albee) In the play Terry the extroverted near-tramp with a way out manner of speech tells Peter, the over-inhibited conformist, of his difficulties in communicating with people and that he hopes to learn from animals how to relate satisfacorily with others. He generalises that a mixture of kindness and cruelty may be the only effective method “I have learned that the two combined together, at the same time are the teaching emotion.” Disorganized and desperate Terry goes to the zoo to study “the way people exist with animals, and the way animals exist with each other, and with people too.” It is here that the concept of men’s caged animality is fortified and he decides to end his isolation.
Director George Whaley
Author Edward Albee
Company Theatre Department
Extra Notes Dance
References rough plans for porter; Notes by Dr B. Chesler
Cast George Whaley John Paton
Notes Cast description: George Whaley: Director Uni Theatre, Co-founder/Artistic Director of Emerald Hill Theatre, acted and produced for Melb. Theatre Co., ERIKA Award (Best Professional Actor Award) for 1968 for his performance in Arthur Miller’s ‘Crucible’ at MTC.