Mobile Fun Theatre Summer 1972

08/01/1972 – 16/02/1972

No program uploaded yet, let us know if you have a copy!

Co produced by MUST and Kaleidoscope theatre.

40 days of Childrens Play: The Magnetic Martian Potato Adult Play: Alfred the Incredible Sheepboy Bench Theatre Park Theatre & Street Theatre from Melbourne to Coffs Harbour in NSW & back accrss country to Melbourne. 42 venues. -Street Theatre: anti pollution messaxing with ever popular adaye: “Well what could I do?”

Flyer (very good condition orange & red cardboard flyer) includes reveus: – “MUST is something pretty unique in Aust. Stu. theatre” -John Romeril, Melb. Play Night with Penguin Publicaiton – (their outdoor work) “revealed a most sophisticated appreciation of teh techniques of student theatre” -Bruce Knappett, ‘Bulletin’ – Re: Must “overall the enterprise, one without precedent in Aust, was a valuable one” -‘Bulletin’ – “….for the writers, as for the student actors, the experience was a stimulating and valuable one” -Leonard Radic, ‘The Age’ – tour was exciting for showing the way for ther student groups into street theatre, children’s theatre and importance of taking Aust shows ‘to the people’ -John Duigan (MUST President), ‘Farrago’, 28/2/72 – (see ‘Magnetic Martian Potato’ sheet #4) -Josie Fleet, ‘Bulletin’, 22/1/72 – “MUST was able to overcome the usual ‘financial’ hurdle which stops troops going into the countryside and put on a great show.” -‘Melbourne Times’, 1/3/72 “MUST Magical Mystery Tour” -also numerous articles from regional papers -all photocopies, so pictures are not very good (the originals would be excellent???) -much of the info is media releases (ie. brief synopsis which may be gathered form other articles here)

~30 members Students doing Arts, Architecture, Medicine, Engineering & Science.