Jack Charles is up and Fighting

06/03/1972 – 11/03/1972

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In song and sketch, well-known writers, Kath Walker, Bill Reed and Frank Hardy probe the Aboriginal problem of assimilation or identity? A dying race or a regenerating force? Land rights or reservation? Down to earth humour, in startling reversal of the accepted black and white roles. This is Black Humour without any whitewashing.

Program: “Australian Aborigine” by Bill Reed “National Service” by Jack Huston – directed by Jack Huston “Namitjira” by Bill Reed “Ducks have left the Billabong” by Bob Maza “Cattle King” by Jim Crawford “The Gallop Poll” by Frank Hardy “The Black Tracker” by Bill Reed “Tudawali” by Bob Maza “Jack Charles is up and fighting” by Bill Reed SONGS: “Son of Mine” Lyrics by Kath Walker, music by Jack Charles “Come on Black Children” Lyrics and music by Bob Maza Appearing throughout: Jack Charles and Bob Maza Guest artistis appearing throughout: Oleg Lenwinski and ‘Souvenir Hunters’ Stage manager: Don Munro Publicity: Ann Johnston Lighting and sound: Alan Ilian

Dorothy Thompson