Crow (1972)

26/07/1972 – 06/08/1972

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Nigel Triffitt
Crow is a man trapped by female sensuality. He has murdered his wife, finds he has lost his sense of identity, and becomes trapped in himself. His minds workings are represented by 4 supporting black crows, in its search for escape and feedom. Crows progress through the play is retrogressive due to everpersistent, cat-like torment pressed on him by his wife, who is also represented by four personifications of her being. Rhythms of dialogue, staccato five of ideas and words, countered by gentle and mesmerising softness of tone, and the all-involving feeling of action, are cohered by an embracing consciousness of Crow’s mental progress. The set is a spherical representation of Crows brain, with 3 dimensional action, above, below and around. The skeleton of ‘Crow’ has been developing in Nigel Triffitt’s mind for some years now, and will be built up further through work with the cast. The final play of the Australian Play Season. Final play of the Australian Play Season held at Melbourne University – moved off campus hoping to attract a wider audience. Performed at the Much More Ballroom, Fitzroy.
Nigel Triffitt