Time Is Not Yet Ripe – 20/06/1972

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Title Time Is Not Yet Ripe
Start Date 20/06/1972
End Date 24/06/1972
Abstract The play is a political commentary written in a distinctive Victorian style. the play remains amazingly frsh, partly because of its immediate topicality in an election year. This production will provide an excellent contast to the more contemporary plays of teh rest of the Australian season, and will bring to light a peice of rarely appreciated tradition of Australian Theatre. A ‘brilliant political comedy’.
Director John Smythe
Author Louis Esson
Company 19
Venue Union Theatre
Notes Part of the 1972 Season of Australian Drama. Production Managers: Jeremy Harper &b Gavin Moodie ran for 5 nights – Tues to Sat. 1936 people saw the show. to be presented in term 2 wk3 : we 24/6/72
Extra Notes Law Revue
Cast Sir Joseph Quiverton – Gavin Moodie; Doris – Kathy Esson; An English Butler – George Abrams; Sir Henry Pillsbury – Anthony Strazzera; Lady Pillsbury – Margaret Parnaby; John K. Hill – Roger Lowrey; Sydney Barrett – Geoff Collins; Miss Perkins – Robyn Vines; Otto – Phillip Goldsworthy; Harry Hopkins – Jeremy Harper; Peter Jensen – John Churchill; Arthur Gray – Chris Gardiner; Bertie Wainwright – Simon Carter; Violet Faulkner BA, LLB – Kate Norman; Fat Man – Charles de Newton; Cheeky Youths – Richard Bouvier, Chales Patterson; Working Woman – Ruth Fincher; Old Man – David Moore; Hopscotch Girls – Enid hookey, Annette Carliss; Policemen – Peter Butler, Andrew Curnow.
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