Women (adapted from Ecclesiasuzae) – 14/06/1972

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Title Women (adapted from Ecclesiasuzae)
Start Date 14/06/1972
End Date 17/06/1972
Abstract An adaption by Jack Hibberd of Aristophones ‘Ecclesiasuzae’. In fifth century (B.C.) Athens, the role of women was on the boil and the pot was being continually stirred by profesional free thinkers and irresponible playwrights. In this play the inevitable happens and women begin to exercise their power.
Designer Peter Tyndall
Director James McCaughey
Author Jack Hibberd
Music Director Ian Bonighton
Company 19
Venue Union Theatre
References Programme / Project report by J McCaughey
Notes Part of the ‘Australian Season ’72’.
Extra Notes Revue