The Play of Daniel – 18/09/1973

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Title The Play of Daniel
Start Date 18/09/1973
End Date 22/09/1973
Abstract 13th century musical drama.
Director Daryl Wilkinson
Director Adrian Thomas
Director Geoffrey D’Ombrain
Director Ron Danielson
Author Noah Greenberg
Company Melbourne State College Drama Department (MSC)
Venue Open Stage – Bouverie Street
References open stage collection (1970-1974) Rowden White Library; O’Brien, A., Dopierala, W. (1994) ‘The Pleasure of the Company: Drama and Teacher Education at Melbourne 1961-1994’, Parkville: School of Visual and Performing Arts Education. ISBN: 0 7325 0705 7.
Notes Multiple directors: Ron Danielson, Geoffrey D’Ombrain, Daryl Wilkinson and Adrian Thomas.