Oedipus Rex – 22/03/1974

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Title Oedipus Rex
Start Date 22/03/1974
End Date 30/03/1974
Author Sophocles
Designer Michael Vernon
Director Meg Smith
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Oedipus – Campbell McComas; Jocasta – Janet Stahl; Creon – Barry Chandler; Teiresias – Bruce Clarkson; Priest – Robert Morris; Messenger – Peter Vickery; Attendant to Oedipus – David Shavin; Attendant to Jocasta – Judy Menzies; Attendant to Teiresias – Richard Niven (or) Dominic Kilmartin; Chorus of Theban Elders – Paul Clarkson, John Shearn, Tim Martin; Shephard – Robert Morris; Ismene – R. Niven; Antigone – E. Niven; Bondsmen – Bill Russell & Russell Woodley; Citizens of Thebes – Jim Brady, jamie Brice, Christine Frawley, Rohan Hamilton, C. Kilmartin, T. Kilmartin, Judy Menzies, Michael Smtih, Barrie Sudweeks.
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Notes Stage Manager: Louise Homfrey