Aeffluence: A musical cosmorama

07/05/1974 – 18/05/1974

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Louis Nowra
Aeffluence is a reworking of a rock musical performed in August 1972 from which a limited number of LP’s were released. The script was redeveloped by “young Melbourne playwright Louis Nowra”. Focusing on issues of pollution – on the affect of effluence. Musicians wrote all new songs and the performance culminated in the combined talents of 140 staff and students merging.
The first production at the Open Stage
Daryl Wilkinson
Jim Lewis, Lyn Geurson, Anne Macrae
Peter Ralph
Peter Lawrence, Jane Ludbrook, Jim Phiddian, Rory Fraser, Margaret Cameron, Ian Rollard, Mary Anne Marron, Steve Gration, Fay Byrne, Kim Laird, Viv Hodgins, Ian McCudden, Harry Tawsie, David Alexander, Denise Scott, Ron Danielson, Helen Faulkner, Mike Bishop, Julia Sykes, Paul Stevenson, Ian White, Ken Ford, Megan Jones, Sue Heywood, Loretta Forsey, Kim Natalie Lot, Lindy Osbourne, Julie Doyle, Julie Hall, Tina Iggulden, Lynette Pierse, Maxine Odgers, Ricky hofman, Rosie Westland, Rita Coxhead, Bill Davis, Russel Davies, Tony Scott, Gary Morrison, Neil Grigg, Don McClure, Brett Mahoney, Bruce Moshel, Tim McKew, Nubar Ghazarian, Johno Joanides, James Watt, Chris Gregory, Peter Elliot, Jenny Hartzmeyer, Leonie Oswald, Sue Collie, Marcus Martin, Peter Rouse, Henry Stern, Neil McColl, Beth Hewitt, Penny Keatch, Margot Knight, Greg Carter, Greg Clough, Ritchie Millard, John Konewka, Jan Allen, Julia Taphouse, Louise Chamberlain, Derek Wallace, John Rojo, Terry Bakewell, Helen Faulkner, Leonie Oswald, Peter Rouse.
Assistant Director- Lindy Davies