The DeJa Vu Revue – 1975

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Title The DeJa Vu Revue
Year 1975
Abstract ‘The DeJa Vu Revue completes thirty-five years of activity by the Tin Alley Players, bringing the total number of productions over the period to one hundred and twenty-four.’
Author Peter Homewood
Director Paul Clarkson
Music Director Lindsay Moore
Designer Michael Vernon
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Guild Theatre
References Signed program
Cast Paul Clarkson, Pter Homewood, Angela O’Toole, Eric Donnison, John Keogh, Hayden Spencer, Clare Franklin, Colin Lovett, Helen Thomas, Galia Hardy, Judy Menzies, Beris Turnley
Notes Program includes a list of all productions performed between 1940 to 1975.