Venice Preserv’d – 08/06/1975

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Title Venice Preserv’d
Start Date 08/06/1975
End Date 16/08/1975
Abstract Venice Preserve’d is a post Jacobean play written by Thomas Otway in 1682… Written in a period of pokitical turmoil generated by Titas Oates ‘discovery’ of a Popish plot, the play contains a masterly interpretaion of this situation, especially in the characters of Antonio the Senator, who is a clear caricature of teh most infamous English whig politician of the 1670’s, the Earl of Shaftesbury.
Author Thomas Otway
Designer Peter Corrigan
Director David Bradley
Company Melbourne University Student Theatre (MUST)
Venue Guild Theatre
Notes Sub-title – “A Plot Discover’d”
Cast Priul – Gary Kliger; Jaffeir – Nigel Davenport; Pierre – Ron Hoenig; Belvidera – Janys Hayes; Aquilina – Jane Tyhan; Renault – Andrew Ramsey; Spinosa – Robert Gebert; Eliot – Greg Brown; Bedamore – John Gleeson; Brainveil – Simon Pryor; Durand – John Keane; Brabe – Robert Moon; Footman – Simon Pryor; Antonio – Peter King; Officers – Bruce Davidson, Simon Pryor; Duke of Venice – Campbell Thomson; Senators – John Gleeson, Robert Moon, Greg Brown, John Keane; Priest – Campbell Thomson
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