Three Sisters – 06/06/1979

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Title Three Sisters
Start Date 06/06/1979
End Date 16/06/1979
Abstract Director of ‘Three Sisters’ will be built upon the foundations laid by ‘Seagull’ (1976). “But the aim is to produce something raw, new & true from a text so widely read and badly performed”.
Director Russell Walsh
Author Anton Chekhov
Company Old Scream Theatre / MUST?
Venue Guild Theatre
Photo B & W photos identified in photos are: Karen Vickery Michael Cathcart
References Budget; Program (draft for?); Photos; C.U.D. letter
Cast Alexander Vershinin – Michael Anderson; Andrey Prozorov – Tom Bishop; Fyodor Koulyghin – Greg Brown; Irena Prozorov – Sarah Cathcart; Natasha – Philippa Hawker; Dr Ivan Chebutikin – Simon Hughes; Olga Prozorov – Cas Masel; Anfisa/Fedotic – Lizzy Newman; Mash Koolyghin – Julia Righton; Vassify Solyony – Scott Sloan; Baron Nikolai Toozenbach – Al Thomson; Ferapoint/Rodey – Ari Unikoski.
Extra Notes author: Armistead Maupin (adapt :Thomas Caldwell)