The Tramp’s Revenge – 14/03/1980

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Title The Tramp’s Revenge
Start Date 14/03/1980
End Date 29/03/1980
Abstract Based, losely, on some events at Charlie Chaplins life Whilst appearing to catapault its band of eccentric characters headlong into a state of total lunacy, the play, nevertheless, keeps a firm grip on the pace as it follows the fortunes at some of the passengers who, for chiefly dubious reasons, find themselves on the notorious Los Angeles to New York express.
Designer Peter King
Author Colin Golvan
Director Norman Kay / David Kendall
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Multiple characters: Peter Finlay, Julia Righton, Mark Williams (Chaplin’s Tramp), Andrew Kelly, Greg Brown, Tom Bishop, Vivienne Corcoran, Andrew Goddard, Rod McIvor, Douglas Horton, Avril McQueen, Sue O’Neil According to Director’s Scribblings: Peter Finlay, Julia Righton, Mark Williams, Andrew Kelly, Tom Bishop, Greg Brown, Vivienne Corioran, Andrew Goddard, Douglas Norton, Rod Mcloor? Audil McQueen, Sue O’Neill
References Press Release by Theatre Department & Programme (cast); Dir.Script/Notes; Audition notice; Print & photo; TB minutes 4/88
Notes Producer: Tony Rickards Author recently awarded a ‘New Writers’ grant by the Literature Board of Australia Council. Listed in Mark William’s CV in TB funding application for “The Witch”, 1988.
Photo Identified in photos are: Mark Williams, Andrew Goddard. 1 large B&W image of Charlie Caplain figures 4 medium sized B&W photos 5 large B&W photos