Coles Funny Picture Person

29/04/1980 – 17/05/1980

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Steve Vizard

The play is set in Cole’s office in the Cole’s Arcade. Cole traces his life out, half reminiscing, half reciting. Steve describes the play as “a collage” – many elements coming together to give impressions of a life. -Alan Attwood. The central theme of the play derive from the nature of E W Cole himself, a man caught in the dream world of his own eccentricities – trained parrots to advertise, believed apples could cure world ills, advertised for a wife & made a million – measured and misunderstood by people who grab the trivia and forget the dream.


There is no question that this play is a “must see” for the University year. Rarely is such effdctive use made of theatre space with such a complete warm and funny piece of theatre in it. In its Australian premiere this play deserves the very best success.-Mark Williams

Mick Rogers
Paul Kathner
One-man show performed by Sydney-based actor Norman Kaye