The Chocolate Frog; Fando and Lis – 06/07/1983

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Title Double Bill: The Chocolate Frog; Fando and Lis
Start Date 06/07/1983
End Date 06/07/1983
Director Darren Lowe
Author F. Arrabal
Author Jim McNeil
Director Manny Kottakis
Company Melbourne College of Advanced Education Drama Department (MCAE)
Venue open stage – Swanston Street
Notes ‘The Chocolate Frog’ written by Jim McNeil and directed by Darren Lowe. ‘Fando and Lis’ written by F. Arrabal and directed by Manny Kottakis.
References O’Brien, A., Dopierala, W. (1994) ‘The Pleasure of the Company: Drama and Teacher Education at Melbourne 1961-1994’, Parkville: School of Visual and Performing Arts Education. ISBN: 0 7325 0705 7.