Law Revue: Putting on the Writs 1985

19/06/1985 – 07/06/1985


The Law Revue presented by the Law Students’ Society

Written by the cast and Tom Gleisner, Nicholas Bufalo, Santo Cilauro, Rohan Burdett, Libbi Gorr, Matt Harvey, David Prentice, Trevor Johnson

Theatre Board minutes 9/88 – Roslyn Walker’s CV for writer’s grant application to Theatre Board, September 1988.

Nicholas Bufalo
Music director
Gavin Cornish
Peter Baker, Simon Bernard, Andrew Chryss, Anna Lopata, Andrew Maj, Magnus Mansie, Patrizia Mercuri, Mick Molloy, Andrej Panjkov, Barbara Sungaila, Julie Turner, Roslyn Walker, Cathy Weate, Edward Xero.

The Band: Gavin Cornish, Glenn Reiter, Greg Murray, John Thorn, David Prior
Producer: Guy Le Couteur
Technical Director/Lighting: Angus Denton
Stage Manager: Matthew Barber
Sound Operator: Damien Lynch
Followspot Operator: Ross Hughan, Tom Gleisner
Dressers: Hilary Cantwell, Catherine King, LeighAnne Trickey
Film shot and edited by: Santo Cilauro
Set built by: cast, crew and Andrew Edwards, Bruce Hay-Chapman, Paul Monaghan
Costumes designed and made by: Nia Tselios
Make-up: Maria Hehir
Script Editor: Tom Gleisner
Choreographer: Name Withheld
Photographs: Frank Vetere, Angus Denton
Publicity/Front of House: Guy Le Couteur, Roslyn Walker.