The Boyfriend – 1985

06/06/1985 – 08/06/1985

Sandy Wilson
The story is set in the South of France, principally Nice, at a time which could only summer, 19??. References: Theatre Board minutes 3/8. CV of Marcella Hunter for Theatre Board funding application of Trinity's 1988 "Cabaret". Author details: Sandy Wilson musical
Mark Williams
Music director
John Thorn
Marcella Hunter
Andrew Kelly
Adaobi Udechuku Samantha Kirwan-Hamilton Nicola Watkinson Helen Wood Robin Kernick Sophie Ingpen Sally Webb Simon Rosengarten Julian Mitchell Peter Howe Tom Scott Edwina Kinnear Martin Ball Adam Hill Andrew Keck Tim Lindsey Carnival Dancers: Cathy Troiani Kurt Esser The Company: Clare Wells Brendan Daddswell Samantha Pulford Ben Keith Lydia Hamm Michael Gronow Carina Watson Sam Staley Phoebe Fraser John Wares John Sutherland Orchestra: Gavin Cornish Stephan Walter Peter Knight Ann Buckley Raoul Stewartson Jon Magill Stewart Fenwick Catherine Eldridge Glen Reither Greg Murray Paol Grage Niki Yeo John Thorn
Costumes - Leah Shaddock Stage Manager - Bernadette Steele Asst. Stage Manager - Angus Grimwade Lighting Design - Richard Hill Lighting Board - Darren Kerr Sound - David Beggs Play Camp Catering - Alan Gale Producers - Adam Jenney, Kirsten Binns