Real Inspector Hound – (1986)

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Title Real Inspector Hound, The: Zoo Story
Year 1986
Director Bridget Haire
Author Tom Stoppard; Albe, Edward
Company St Mary’s College
Venue Guild Theatre
References TB mins 4/88,6/88 and 9/88
Extra Notes Revue
Notes Listed in Julia Hickey’s CV in Theatre Board funding application for “The Frogs” and “Jubilee” in 1988 and in her CV for director’s grant application to Theatre Board, September 1988. Also listed in Bridget Haire’s CV for director’s grant application, Theatre Board, September 1988. Haire states that she “adapted” the script. Listed in TB funding application for Haire’s 1988 production of “Letters Home”.
Cast Julia Hickey, Bridget Haire (Jerry).