Orfeo – 1986

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Title Orfeo
Start Date 19/09/1986
End Date 27/09/1986
Abstract The originality and genius of Monteverdi’s music will be presented by a cast of 18 singers and 8 musicians, and the production will combine musical and visual mediums to create an exciting and innovative piece of theatre.
Author Claudio Monteverdi, opera
Designer Michael Anderson
Director Barrie Kosky
Company Treason of Images Theatre Company
Venue Guild Theatre
Extra Notes
Notes Part of Spoleto Fringe Festival. Listed in Roslyn Walker’s CV for writer’s grant application to Theatre Board, dated September 1988 and in CV in funding application to TB for “The Legend of King O’Malley”, 1988.
Photo Photocopy of photo of Curtis Baylis as La Musica in ‘Orfeo’.
References Newsletter/Radio Review (transcript) and TB mins 4/88 and 5/88
Cast Curtis Bayliss (La Musica).Nicholas Stojanoff, Sarah Clark, Barry Rome, Michael Chang, Marlene Mannas, Roslyn Walker, Andrew Muscat-Clark, Richard Nicholls, Peter Maxian, Alan Watkinson, Emma O’Brien, Langdon Rodda, Jo Barry, William Porsche, Ludmilla Beresniak,
Crew Musicians: Ian Holtham, Naomi Graham, Christine Storey, Sue Hadley, Stuart Favilla.
Reviews Various reviews appended to Theatre Board funding application for “The Lulu Plays”, 1988. “…The entire set is just a lot of canvas all over the floor and around the walls of the theatre, interrupted here and there by six classical columns and a temple at the back for the orchestra to play in. The actual canvas floor is taken up to take Orfeo down into Hades, revealing the black authentic floor of the Guild Theatre beneath, and it hangs over the Underworld as though it were a pavillion or tent. But the transformation is stunning and very, very effectively done.” – review given by Peter King, ABC Radio, September 1986. “Okay, the opera is in Italian, but the high standard of music of director Ian Holtham, plus the many strong voices among the cast, make it an exhilarating evening of theatre and music. And the show goes on, even if members of the cast don’t make it to the theatre, Kosky plays the roles.” – Article in “The Age”, September 1986. Jason Romney’s review for “The Age” in September 1986 also noted the Baroque feel to the set with “tall marble columns”.