One Link Up – 1987

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Title One Link Up
Year 1987
Abstract This involved eight short pieces. According to the review cited below, the first piece, “Everybody’s Space” was a “balletic comedy…about Friday in the city”, the second was the Spanish “Ritmos”, the third was “Two True”, choreographed by the eight dancers who performed in it and the last two pieces were “Fraction” about “the increasing chaos that we encounter in life” and “It’s All the Same”.
Director Caroline English
Choreographer Andrew Plant
Choreographer Elycia Wallis
Company Guild Dance Theatre
Venue Guild Theatre
Cast Over forty people involved including Elycia Wallis, Andrew Plant, Anastasi Siotas and Miranda Sowden.
References TB Mins 7/1988
Reviews Review attached to Guild Dance Theatre funding application for “Swimming Upstream”, 1988. Review by Chris Boyd in “The Melbourne Times”, 22 July 1987 described the production as “ambitious and contemporary”; “Although the quality of the dancing varies considerably through the evening, the dance itself is consistently fresh and interesting”.