The Mysteries: A Trilogy – 20/05/1987

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Title The Mysteries: A Trilogy
Start Date 20/05/1987
End Date 29/05/1987
Abstract A trilogy written as a cycle of three plays – The Nativity, ,The Passion and Doomsday.
Music Director Sally John
Designer Meeghan Auhl
Author Tony Harrison
Designer Julia Burch
Choreographer Kathy Caswell
Director 3rd Year Drama Students
Director Brian Hogan
Company Melbourne College of Advanced Education Drama Department (MCAE)
Venue open stage – Swanston Street
Reference from: Rowden White, Open Stage 1986-1990.,
Performance Dates ‘The Nativity’ performed 20,23,26,27 May. ‘The Passion’ performed 22,23,26,29 May. ‘Doomsday’ performed 21,23,26,28 May.
Cast Paul Maullin, Vanda De Renzis, Liz Banay, Maria Cillipari, Vikki Aitken, David Weeding, Helen Phillips, Jenny Lister, Jamie McRae, Michael Lockwood, Peter Jewell, Toni Scotto, Michelle Newma, Gina Goss, Sarah House, Kathleen Caswell, Melanie Wright, Mary Macheras, Robyn O’Meara, Ross Jones, Mary Steuten, Julia Burch, Debbie Hynes, Kerrie Neale, Meeghan Auhl, Karen John, Peter Jewell, Ivanka Ogrizek, Mari Grant, Andrew Palmer, Liz Vercoe, Simon Watson, Sally John, Andrea Palmer, Andrea Day, Joyce Cagney, Robyn Williamson.