Roundheads and Pointyheads – 22/06/1988

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Title Roundheads and Pointyheads
Start Date 22/06/1988
End Date 02/07/1988
Abstract In the Swiftian land of Yahoo live two races, side by side. Only their skulls – one round, the other pointy – are different. They are friends – laughing, sparring, making love and eating in warm comradeship. But Yahoo is bankrupt, poverty separates tenant from landowner. Farmers are banding together under the sickle flag. Revolution is in the air. The TB funding application notes, “The play has a South American flavour, which will be reflected in the music, set and costumes”. Based on ‘Measure for Measure’ this tale of dictatorship and war depicts the breakdown of relations between previously peaceful factions.
Designer Catherine Haywood
Music Director Nieuwenhuizen, John / Eisler, Hans (Composers)
Director Kim Durban
Author Bertolt Brecht
Company Union Theatre Department
Venue Guild Theatre
Notes Acting Artistic Director: Kim Durban. The students were initially “apprehensive” about using Brechtian techniques, but eventually did use them. Van
Reviews Farrago, June 1988
Cast Scott Wilson (The Regent/Alfonso Sas), Brian Sidlo (Missena/Abbot), Steve Webster (Anglelo Iberin), Andrew Litras (Callas), Anna Galvin (Nanna), Rebecca Rimmer (Mistress Callas/2nd Lawyer/Nun), Peter Phipps (Parr/3rd Lawyer/Iberin Soldier), Tom Wright, Tamara Harrison (Mother Superior/Fat Woman), Simon Barfoot (Juan Duarte/Callamassi), Bruce Clezy (De Hoz/Lopez), Vanessa O’Neill (Madame Cornamontis), Fiona MacLeod (de Guzman Family Lawyer), Edwina Exton (Clerk/Voice/3rd Tenant/Hua/Chief Justice), Jonathan Parsons (Police Inspector/Peruiner), Elizabeth Reid (Mrs Palmosa/Mistress Lopez), Federay Holmes (Isabella), Sid Larwill (Emanuele de Guzman), Luciana Perch (costume co-ordinator), Angela McKenna (stage manager), Tina Kokkinos (costume design), Michael Walker (lighting designer), Ian Fiddes (production manager). The funding application to the Theatre Board notes that the “production will involve over thirty students in the cast…with an additional twenty students [in back-stage roles, who will] work with a production director, designer and management team”.
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