Letters Home (1988)

07/08/1988 – 16/07/1988

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The TB funding application described the production as “intimate…minimalist, and to some extent anti-realistic”, drawing on themes in Plath’s letters (relations between daughter and mother, artist and lover, woman and art). Haire describes her style, particularly in productions of “Zoo Story” and “Portrait of Dora” as “Brechtian/feminist…for females rather than male performers”. “Letters Home” had its genesis in her 1987 adaptation of Plath’s “Three Women” as part of the second year Performance Drama course (I.D. drama).


Bridget Haire’s CV for director’s grant application, Theatre Board, September 1988. Also listed in previous DAJAO! shows in Theatre Board funding application for Selection Beckett Plays, 1988. Listed in TB production status reports. Author details: Rose Leiman Goldenberg from letters by Sylvia Plath

Bridget Haire