The Legend of King O’Malley – 14/07/1988

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Title The Legend of King O’Malley
Start Date 14/07/1988
End Date 23/07/1988
Abstract The TB funding application describes the narrative in detail. The production involved a combination of “revival meeting…melodrama,…’straigh’ drama and vaudeville”, using “hymns, patriotic songs, poetry…dancing (…soft shoe and…charleston), harmonica” and more.
Author Bob Ellis musical
Music Director Curtis Bayliss
Director Guy Le Couteur
Author Michael Boddy
Designer Jon Lynch
Company Scratch
Venue Guild Theatre
Cast Helen Dell, Angelina Brazzle, John Byrnes, Simone Lourey, Tasos Petousis, Anthony Watt, Tina Kokkinos (stage manager), Bruce Clezy (Man as Priest) and chorus.
References from: Theatre Production DB; TB mins 4/88, 7/88, 9/88 and 2/89, Poster.
Notes Listed in Bernard Clezy’s CV in writer’s grant application and in Bruce Clezy’s and Tina Kokkinos’ CVs in Theatre Board funding application for Grassroots’ “Much Ado About Nothing”, 1989. Production report to Theatre Board, dated July 1988. According to the TB funding application, in addition to various skills development, Michael Walker has been secured to teach students lighing design and tech-ing, “circus and side-show” skills. Listed in CV for Guy Le Couteur attached to funding application.
The Legend of King O’Malley 1988 Poster

The Legend of King O’Malley 1988 Poster