The Ballad of the Sad Cafe – 08/09/1988

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Title The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
Start Date 08/09/1988
End Date 19/08/0988
Abstract The TB funding application described this production as “a grotesque ‘fairy tale’ about love and loneliness” using “physical characterization and various forms of stylization”.
Director Lawrence Strangio
Designer Jon Curtis (lighting designer) and Rachel Nolan (set designer)
Company Newman College Dramatic Society
Venue Guild Theatre and special college night at the Prince Philip Theatre.
Extra Notes Carson McCullers, adapted by Edward Albee
Cast Marieanne Trinder, Simone Lourey, Gabrielle Cummins, Sam Laurence, Amos Hee, John Hammond, Marcia Ward, Emma Sutton, Emma reidman, Andrew Rice, Anthony Woodcock, Eliza Kenedy, Christina Neri, Michael Brasier (stage manager).
Notes The production report includes financial details and notes that Lawrence’s tripartite role as director, LX and set designer was problematic. Mentioned in 3/1989 funding application to TB for “Joan”. The TB funding application includes a detailed CV for Lawrence Strangio, but does not list any other Melbourne University shows.
References TB minutes 4/88, 9/88, 3/89