Sweet Charity – 1989

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Title Sweet Charity
Start Date 09/08/1989
End Date 19/08/1989
Abstract The general aims of the company were to facilitate learning by new technicians, working with more experienced (generally Department) technicians, to provide good, affordable entertainment, production/organizational learning, opportunities for Trinity and non-Trinity students.
Author Dorothy Fields
Author Cy Coleman musical/Fredrico Fellini
Choreographer Donna Gabriel
Director Allan Burrows
Cast Susie Brennan, James Brew, Melissa Gray, Fiona Viggers, Kathy Grey, Elise Wilkinson, Michael Reid, Peter Neustupny, Kate Oliver, David Guthrie, Jo Turner, Angus Smallwood, Anita Punton, Simon Horne
Crew Music Director: Philip Nunn
Company Trinity College Music Theatre Society
Venue Union Theatre
References Poster, TB minutes 3/89
Notes Application for funding included financial details. Burrows and Gabriel were external professionals hired by the company.
Extra Notes Lighting Design – Liz Pain