Othello – 25/07/1990

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Title Othello
Start Date 25/07/1990
End Date 04/08/1990
Abstract A tale of jealousy, violence and violation.
Director Lucien Savron
Author William Shakespeare
Designer Michael Walker
Company Gas Theatre
Venue Union Theatre
Notes MUD 90 lx. Michael Walker
References from: Theatre Production DB; Media Release
Cast Nicole Nabout, Tristan Gemmill, Kate Oliver, Jo Turner, Thomas Wright, Thornton McHamish, Sean Dolley, Anthony Watt, John-Paul Hussey, Anita Punton, Tom Wright, Michael Kantor, Guy Prendergast, Phil Hill
Reviews EG, “If you fling enough, it sticks.” 20/7/990, p.3 Melbourne Times, 8/8/90, p.11 Beat magazine, 8/8/90.
Photo Collection of photographs – B & W.
Othello Poster

Othello Poster