To The Outside World – 27/07/1990

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Title To The Outside World
Start Date 27/07/1990
End Date 12/08/1990
Abstract To The Outside World peels back the thin skin of the everyday mundane reality of a suburban family and delves into the strange and darkly poetic world within. The tension between the internal and the external, the private and the public, fuels this remarkable monologue.
Music Director Christina Green
Designer Marie Pollard
Author Karen Corbett
Director Michael Wansbrough
Company Changelings
Venue La Mama
Reviews – “Fabulous…(you) handle an audience in the most extraordinary way” – Helen Garner; – “…A work of great merit, particularly because of its innovative form” – Suzanne Chaundy; – Melbourne Times, 1/8/90, p.19; – The Age, 10/8/90; – Melbourne Times, 29/8/90.
Notes MUD 90 dir. Michael Wansbrough
References Media Release
Cast Karen Corbett.