The Tower of Babel – 01/08/1990

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Title The Tower of Babel
Start Date 01/08/1990
End Date 11/08/1990
Abstract Intent on exploring the anarchic world of the bouffon, Bruegel’s Bums has created The Tower of Babel, an exciting and lively spectacle that is sure to challenge and entertain. The tradition of the Bouffon dates back to the 12th Century when society’s outcasts, the deformed and insane were banished to the swamps surrounding the small villages of rural France and Belgium. They were not considered human, and were thought to be the children of the Devil. On one day of the year – the day of the Donkey – they were admitted into the churches to blaspheme and fornicate at will, so as to put Lucifer at ease.
Director Michael Kantor
Author Bruegel’s Bums
Company Bruegel’s Bums
Venue Underground Carpark, Melbourne University
Cast Charlie Laidlaw, Justine Press, Cathy Russell, Anne Radvansky, Simon Barfoot, John Ryan, Paul McCarthy, Michael Kantor, Jonathon Marshall.
Reviews The Herald Time Away, 2/8/90, p.14. MUDfest Review: Theatre Dept; Posters 1990-92, Box 2 MUDfest 1990.
Notes MUD 90
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