A Breath of Cinnamon and Diesel

21/08/1991 – 01/09/1991

Carolyn Papworth

Explores the tension and solitude felt by a young Australian woman in Sri Lanka when confronted by the loss of her own culture, and the new culture that surrounds her. At 15, Laura travels to Sri Lanka as a student. Confronted by a vastly different culture, she is overwhelmed by the meaninglessness involved with being, and what an arbitrary act it is to desire, to want something. Seductively, the play explores the way a sense of oneself develops within culture, and shows how such cultural displacement can result in a sort of schizophrenia.

Part of MUDFEST 91

Sharon Peel
Radhik Devi
Kristen Boys
Lucia Tallis
Shane Lee
Samantha Bond
Maria Callipari

A Breath of Cinnamon and Diesel 1991 Poster

A Breath of Cinnamon and Diesel 1991 Poster