Zero Sum – 06/08/1992

06/08/1992 – 15/08/1992

In 1974 the Portugese withdrew from East Timor after 400 years of occupation. In December 1975, Indonesia launched a full scale invasion of East Timor. This forced takeover was accompanied by widespread killings and brutality, disruption of agriculture and a resulting famine. The continuing human rights violations in this region have resulted in an estimated 200,000 deaths (over one third of the East Timorese population). The East Timorese fight for self-determination still continues. Zero Sum is based on events surrounding the Dili Massacre in East Timor in 1991.
Rosemary Myers
Sean Dooley Carolyn Fraser Anthony Watt Anita Punton Ben Ellis Angela Madeira Hugh Covill Michael Martin Tom Liolios Danielle Roet Anne Norman Denise Hiatt Merida Sussex Susan Searle
Kate Hiatt John Bennett Anastasi Siotis Mickey W, Tox