Order of Things – 1994

30/08/2020 – 03/09/2020


Order of Things is a collection of works inspired by the sorting process employed to make sense of our surroundings.

Anastasi Siotas
Anastasi Siotas
Jonathan Aitken, Spesh Barnes, Jude Bothroyd, Kate Bowditch, Craig Burton, Vanessa Case, Sara Comeadow, Simone Coxall, Kerry Costigan, Davina Dadley-Moore, Avril Duck, Brett Dwyer, Julie Fam, Yuen Foo How, Katerina Gauntleet, Sam Grapsas, Natasha Gowans, Melissa Laws, Alvina Loke, Amanda Melville, Camille De Niese, Mark Oglethorpe, Patrick O’Neill, Rose Parmenter, Catrina Seiffert, Jordie Slonim, Maia Songcuan, Sarah Wallace, Elycia Wallis, Nerida Weller, Zoe Wood, Melanie Yong.

See program for separate listings for each of the 12 works.

Asst Director: Bronwyn Ritchie, Chanel Keane
Production Manager: Merryn Tinkler
Producers: Fleur Brett, Kelly Heywood
Lighting Designers: Merryn Tinkler, Anastasi Siotas
Sound Designer: Michael Walker
Set Designer: Anastasi Siotas, Merryn Tinkler
Set Construction: Fritz Hammersley, Mark Tarquinio, Stavros Tavrou
Head Electrician: Jonathan Marshall
Costume Design: Rachael Lucas, Brett Murray, Lana Schumacher, Sam Grapsas, Patrick O'Neill
Publicity: Fleur Brett, Kelly Heywood, Anne Neville
Poster/Image Design: Scott Campbell
Banner: Yuen Foo How, Chee Keong Ee, Simone Coxall
Computer Graphics: Interactive Generation
Live Video Camera Operator: JP Goodchild
Photographer: Jordie Slonim

Stage Manager: Sabdha Charlton
Asst Stage Manager: Catherine Kent, Jasmine Hirst, Erika Lamba
Fly Crew: Craig Dixon, Nic Rutherford, Darcy Neave
Lighting Operator: Kate Cantwell, Emma Taylor
Sound Operator: Roberta Musolino
Audio Visual Operator: Shane McKenzie
Sound & Audio Visual Asst: Phillip Walford
Front of House Manager: Anne Neville
Box Office Manager: Marianna Pettonlino
Bump-in: Marty Sullivan, Lisa Parris

See program for separate listings for each of the 12 works.

Order of Things